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Winward Casino impressions

Posted by Corretor on 20/10/2015
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Winward Casino is an active player in the online casino market without registration, for which it has been a challenge since the success of the industry’s first pioneer, Ninja Casino .

casino winward is great atmosphere starts right away with a super enticing welcome offer. If your first deposit cannot be doubled, the casino will refund up to €25 without any redemption requirements.

There are more games here than the average casino and, as we suggested earlier, the casino has various promotions. Just a great welcome benefit and ease of use is no longer enough to satisfy customers when the most attractive bonus treats are available on the other side of the fence.

The mobile version of Winward Casino is great, but there’s nothing wrong with the full version either. The site is very clear and impressive. The best part, of course, is the ease of practical matters when everything is handled with bank IDs. There is no need to register a gaming account, and withdrawals will be made within minutes.

In the summer of 2019, owner Winward Casino founded Gambola Casino, which has also established itself as a great online casino.

Winward Casino: Layout and usability

Winward Casino underwent a complete rebranding in 2018. In the past, the site relied on an Irish theme, and the look could be a bit childish. However, the background team did a complete turnaround, and today Winward Casino is really fresh and trendy. So, nothing mind-blowing is known, but if you compare the new look to the previous one, the difference is really stunning.

Similar coloring has indeed been used in many online casinos. At Winward Casino, the main color is dark purple, which is enhanced by bright yellow. The space theme was also used with care, as there are stars and nebulae on the wallpaper.

The casino itself is very logical and simple. It can even be cajoled for ease of use. Once renovated, the number of moving parts is kept to a minimum.

The casino must have read Konmar and become interested in simplification. The obligatory icons have been reduced almost out of sight. The menu key is fun in the small upper left corner of the site. Customer service is a small button on the left. Once you get used to it, the user experience is really nice.

Winward Casino – Outgoing Mobile Casino

The mobile version of Winward Casino is definitely worth a try. The touch screen of your phone or tablet makes the games even better.

On mobile, the site looks just as spectacular as it does on the tick. On mobile, the coloring comes into play. The overview, if possible, is even clearer. The menu key on the left here is also small, but everything is the same in the pocket version.

Customer Service in Australia Every Day

At Winward Casino, customer service is available at:

  • weekdays at 9-01
  • Weekends from 1pm to 10pm.

Winward Casino customer service can be contacted via live chat. You can get there by using the yellow button on the side of the site with the two purple speech bubbles. In the full version, it was a little hard to see at first, despite the bright yellow color. You can also get there through the menu. If no one is in the chat room, you can leave a message that will be answered as soon as someone comes to the site.

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